Case 02: Seal contamination - Seal contamination in dynamic operation

Typical machines, applications and industries affected

Upstream, mid­stream, ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons with upstream gas tre­at­ment (glycol)


  • 43 % of dry gas seal failures are caused by seal gas supply contamination *
  • Short operating life of dry gas seal
  • Dry gas seal failure
  • Variation on primary vent pressure/flow
  • Primary dry gas seal contaminated with particles and liquids


  • Seal gas contaminated with particles and liquids (rust, oil, TEG (triethylene glycol), condensates, …)
  • Liquids in the sealing gap result in high friction forces leading to higher temperatures and higher torques (dynamic operation)
  • This can result in wear of the seal faces, thermal cracks in the seal faces and/or high leakage alarms

EagleBurgmann solution

Results & benefits

Increased reliability:

  • Increased lifetime of dry gas seals
  • No more unplanned seal related compressor shut-downs
  • Reduced service costs

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* Source: SWRI & GMRC, Analysis of historical dry gas seal failures - Data in natural gas compressors.