Case 03: Seal contamination - Seal contamination during pressurized stand-still

Typical machines, applications and industries affected

All ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons with risk of seal con­ta­mi­na­ti­on in static con­di­ti­ons e.g. pipe­lines, export com­pres­sors


  • 34 % of dry gas seal failures are caused by process gas contamination *
  • Dirt and liquid contamination found during regular seal service
  • Signs of high break-away torque due to liquids “glueing” the seal faces together during start up


  • No primary seal gas supply during stand-still
  • Therefore, unfiltered process gas can contaminate the dry gas seal
  • Additionally, low temperatures at stand-still can cause that some components of the process gas transform to liquids within the seals

EagleBurgmann solution

Ro­Tech­Boos­ter – cen­tri­fu­gal seal gas booster

Results & benefits

Increased reliability:

  • Increased lifetime of dry gas seals
  • No more unplanned seal related compressor shut-downs

Further information:


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* Source: SWRI & GMRC, Analysis of historical dry gas seal failures - Data in natural gas compressors.